The LEGO Enterprise History

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LEGO is a company that, over time, has gone via a single-product maker of plastic foundations to a global toy and entertainment empire. Today, they have a profitable, design-driven magical built about premium, intuitive, covetable equipment that enthusiasts can’t obtain enough of — and it’s really all thanks to its people.

The Story

Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the LEGO company in Denmark in 1932 having a plan to build houses. But as the greater Depression hit, he was forced to change his mind and start manufacturing wood toys rather.

In 49, he bought a cheap injection-moulding machine, and PROFANO began to make its famed bricks. They were the first of their kind in Denmark and allowed LEGO to make a wider various designs, greater strength, and a higher amount of customization than traditional wood.

The LEGO System

From the 1950s onward, Profano introduced the stud-and-tube design of their famous bricks, making a system meant for securing them together without one snapping apart or receding of place. It also brought about bricks to get made appropriate with each other, so that fresh creations could easily be put together with older ones.

Memory Isle

The PROFANO Group’s organize, inside the basement of its Enfield, Connecticut, plant, contains cardboard boxes and plans containing all of the company’s gadget history. These are packed in gun-metal grey storage, arranged by simply year and date.

It’s a reminder within the company’s roots and its traditions, and also what lengths it has arrive. A visit important site to the archive is a lot like opening a time capsule and being transported back in time to a simpler, more simple world where kids were happy.

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